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IT Catalog: Application and Infrastructure Projects and Products Documents

The Information Technology Branch generates notices to describe project requests, change control requests and outage/interruption reports. These notices are captured in an online log. Their supporting documents (maintained here in the Document Library) describe the processes that we use to design, build and implement many resulting products and services. In this category you will find also find project related information such as Project Notices, Current and Proposed Process Flowcharts, Data Diagrams, Data Dictionaries and Project Requirements.

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Weekly Virus Report
EHUB Report
Davis, E.
Weekly Email Volume Report
EHUB Report
Davis, E.
Weekly Email Bandwidth Report
EHUB Report
Davis, E.
GrandTab: California Central Valley Sacramento and San Joaquin River Systems Chinook Salmon Escapement Hatcheries and Natural Areas
Reports, Statistical
Azat, J.
Corning Cable Systems Generic Specifications for Tight Buffer Optical Fiber Cables for Indorr Distribution Applications
Product Specification
Corning Cable Systems