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Data Portal

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What is the "Data Portal"?

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Data Portal provides a single point of entry to data sources which serve the needs of divisions throughout the Department. These data are made available for reporting, querying and (in some cases) editing via a series of dynamic web applications. Department employees, affiliated cooperators and the public have ready access from any computer with an internet connection. Special client applications or direct connection to the CDFW wide area network are not required.

The applications on the Data Portal employ similar user-friendly interfaces. Users will find that if they are familiar with one application in the portal, they are familiar with many elements of the other applications. In addition to live data from CDFW databases, users may retrieve data from a reporting data warehouse optimized for searching, browsing and intuitive data extraction. Users can also easily generate and print reports or query, browse, and download data which support the Department’s conservation mission.

What's Available?

A Central purpose of the Data Portal is to provide useful and intuitive tools for examining data. Tools for data access have been grouped into Topics that have been designed to mirror Department programs and initiatives. This allows users to work within a familiar Topic area on applications that have a specific focus. This page gives an listing of all applications in the Data Portal site... and the Topic links (in the lefthand column) group applications, tools, and services into common topics.

Application Listing

Each application in the Data Portal includes tasks that may utilize data from many different databases, an approach which reduces redundancy in data storage and allows for flexible data integration. More about application features...

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