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Habitat Tracking and Reporting (HabiTrak)

The Habitat Tracking Reporting (HabiTrak) toolset is designed to help track habitat lost and conserved over time due to public and private development projects. The toolset consists of online Reporting and Mapping tools available from this website, as well as a desktop ArcGIS extension used by the local tracking agencies (cities, counties, etc) to input and manage the local data. About Habitrak

HabiTrak Reports
Habitat Tracking and Reporting (HabiTrak) Report Tool gives the user the ability to access pre-defined standardized reports that are generated upon demand. In many cases, the ability to define a date range or another subset of results is available. This tool returns results as a pdf based on any filters specified when generating the report. Reports
HabiTrak Map Viewer
The Habitat Tracking and Reporting (HabiTrak) Map Viewer gives the user the ability to view maps that reflect statewide aggregated HabiTrak data. Map Viewer