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About Document Library

The CDFW Document Library is a tool for managing important documents held by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Library stores and makes readily available key documents frequently used by the public, Department employees and our cooperators.

CDFW Document Library Terms

A Document is defined as any digital file containing information that can be retrieved and viewed onscreen. This includes Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, Adobe Acrobat PDF files and many supported image formats (.jpg, .bmp, .tiff, gif, etc.). To view a document in a particular format, the appropriate software needs to reside on the user's computer. (Download Adobe Acrobat, Word Viewer, Excel Viewer )
A Category represents a broad subject area of document topics established to allow more focused Library searches. By default, requests search though all catgories. If a particular catgory is selected, search results are limited to Library documents within that selected context. This ensures that all results returned are within the category of interest specified.
A subcategory is a subdivision of a category. After choosing a category, the search can be further limited by choosing a subcategory. This allows fine-tuning the search, often down to the exact document being sought.
Cover Sheet
A Cover Sheet contains author, title, subject, and keywords that have been used to describe a document in the CDFW Document Library. In general, search terms or keywords that match cover sheet data are ranked higher in relevance when returning the results of a search.

Use the Document Search to:

  • Find documents that contain a word or phrase in the document body
  • Find documents that contain a title, author, subject, keyword or phrase in the cover sheet that describes each document
  • Search within a specific catogry
  • Display search results as a list of documents in a versatile grid format
  • Order documents by relevance, based on the search criteria (default), or customize the sort order
  • Dynamically generate and display a thumbnail image of all image file formats
  • Download or open retrieved documents
  • View the document details including cover sheet and categories
  • Copy or paste a direct link to the current document or a specific document version into an email, web page or other document

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