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Bay Delta IEP Special Studies Documents

General documents pertaining to Bay Delta IEP Special Studies

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Fecundity and reproductive potential of wild female delta smelt in the upper San Francisco Estuary, California
Damon, L. J., S. B. Slater, R. B. Baxter and R. W. Fujimura
Supplemental Material for: A covered cod end evaluation of midwater trawl fishing gear efficiency for catching delta smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus)
Laser range-finder boat separation measurements
Mitchell, L., K. Newman, R. Baxter
Poster: The Striped Bass Age: From Planktivores to Piscivores
Gabel, T., C. Jackson and Z. Burris
Poster: Examination of Stomach Development in Larval Delta Smelt and Implications for Diet Studies
Furler, A., T. Lee, T. Bippus and S.Slater
Delta Smelt Regional Feeding Patterns in Fall 2011
Slater, S.
Poster: Feeding habits of Longfin Smelt in the Upper San Francisco Estuary
Slater, S.
Poster: Comparison of Adult Delta Smelt Prey Use Between Wet (2011) and Dry (2012) Winters
Bippus, T., A. Cardoza, T. Lee, P. Poirier and S. Slater
Poster: Allometric Growth in Delta Smelt and Implications for Determination of Condition
Slater, S.
Poster: Fish Biomass in the Upper San Francisco Estuary, 1980-2006
Slater, S.
Poster: Young Stripers with an Appetite: Age-0 Striped Bass Regional Diets in Fall 2011
Furler, A., T. Bippus, R. Paiste and S. Slater
Poster: Into the Belly of the Beast: Traditional and Genetic Prey Detection in Liberty Island's Mississippi Silversides
Bippus, T., A. Furler, S. Slater, G. Schumer, B. Schreier and L. Conrad
Poster: Length-Weight Relationships of the Amphipods Americorophium spinicore and A. stimpsoni in the San Francisco Estuary
Furler, A., D. Jordan, T. Bippus and S. Slater
Poster: Feeding Habits of Adult Delta Smelt in Winter and Spring
Bippus, T., M. H. Nicolini, P. Poirier and S. Slater