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Fish Planting Schedule

This dynamic Fish Planting Schedule is updated in real time, directly by CDFW Hatchery staff. Although it contains current information, all fish plants are subject to change depending on road, water, weather and operational conditions. Conditions permitting, the waters listed here will be restocked with catchable-size fish from CDFW hatcheries, according to this schedule. More specific dates are not given to avoid focusing excess fishing activity immediately after a plant.

If you have questions about Fish Planting activities, please call the Regional Office that covers the area in question.

Annual Provisional Stocking Document.This document contains the "provisional" or "conditional" plans for fish stocking for the current calendar year. Listed information: CDFW Region, County, Water Name, Species of Fish, Fish Size at Release, Release Program, Historical Months for Stocking Specified Water, and the Last Date the Specified Water was Stocked (as of date published). While these are the intended fish stocking plans for the year, they will not be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of nature (for example, droughts, fires, or floods).

See Fish Plants on a Map in our Fishing Guide

NOTE: The "Map It" links and resulting map markers do not indicate the exact or only planting locations, but rather the general location of the waters being planted.

Three CDFW hatcheries in the eastern Sierra and Southern California have had to be depopulated due to a bacterial outbreak. Stocking schedules in the South Coast Region and Inland Deserts Region will be affected for the remainder of the 2021 calendar year as CDFW works to disinfect and repopulate the hatcheries with fish. Fish from other hatcheries are still being planted in these areas, but the numbers and locations have been greatly reduced. For more information, please refer to the Science Spotlight.

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09/26/2021 – 10/02/2021
Mary Lake
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