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Document Library

Document Search Tool
The CDFW Document Library is an online repository of thousands of documents pertinent to the department and its customers. Documents can be located by searching for a word or phrase contained within the text of the document or in its associated "cover sheet.” An advanced search function also makes it possible to search more specifically by title, author, subject, keywords, date ranges and document categories. Results are initially displayed and ordered by search relevance, but can be sorted in other ways. Once a document has been located, you may view it online or download it to your local computer. Go to Search
Browse by Category Tool
All documents in the CDFW Document Library are organized by Categories. "Browse by Category" is a convenient way to see all available groupings at a glance, and to learn which CDFW function or program is responsibly for each category. You may also view a complete list of their documents then link directly to that program's web page.

Recent Changes or Additions to the Document Library