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Bay Delta IEP Summer Townet Survey Documents

General documents pertaining to Bay Delta IEP Summer Townet Survey

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Annual abundance of young striped bass, Roccus saxatilis, in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California
Young of year striped bass index
Chadwick, H. K.
Should the delta smelt summer tow-net index be size standardized?
Delta smelt abundance index
Wadsworth, K. and T. Sommer
The tow-net survey abundance index for delta smelt revisited
Delta smelt abundance index
Miller, L. W.
2010 Status and trends report for pelagic fishes of the upper San Francisco Estuary
POD trends in the SF estuary
Contreras, D., K. Hieb, R. Baxter, S. Slater and J. Afentoulis